March 8th, 2015



Фотографии казни военных преступников в Киеве

1946 год. 2 февраля. Казнь немецких военных преступников в Киеве (нынешний Майдан Незалежності). Фото Георгия Угриновича.

krainian/Russian Men Needed $19/Hr (Oceanside, CA)

GTS (Glacier Technology Solutions LLC) - We are military contractors working directly with the US Marine Corps assisting them with their immersive simulation training program.

Currently, we are looking for role players of Ukrainian and/or Russian ethnicity and language skills. Need MEN ranging 18-65 years of age.

This is temporary, part time, on-call work based on need and availability.

At the moment, we are staffing for an upcoming training to take place on:
March 29-31, 2015.

The scheduled hours will vary from 8-12 hours per working day.

Compensation is $15.17/hr. plus another $4.02/hr. Health and Welfare benefit for up to 40 hours of work in a workweek. (Overtime rates will be paid if necessary).

Register for work at:

For further questions feel free to call. We look forward to meeting, and sharing this fun and unique work experience with you.

Denis Mikhailenko
Cultural Advisor

Weston Giannini
Scheduling Manager

Office (866) 949-9966 -- Ext# 110
Fax 866-308-7230

GTS Workforce Resources
1833 Oceanside Blvd. Suite A
Oceanside, CA 92054

Военный подрядчик, работающий непосредственно с корпусом морской пехоты США в сфере оказание помощи в разработке учебной программы моделирования.

В настоящее время мы ищем кандидатов украинской и / или русской национальности со знаеием языка. Нужны люди, начиная 18-65 лет...